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Your intro has been created!

View it below. You can find out how to download it below.

Note: Intro shrunk to fit above. Actual size is a bit bigger.

Download Intro Instructions:
1. First Right Click here and select 'Save Target As...' to save the file as intro.swf the intro Flash file. Also consider downloading the intro builder trial to create more intros like this one.

2. Copy HTML Code
Then, copy the following HTML code and paste it in a web page that you would like the intro to play on:

3. Upload Intro to Your Website
Last, move the Flash intro file (intro.swf) that you saved into the same folder as the web page that you copied and pasted the HTML code into, and then view the web page.

This last part is needed because the web page needs the intro.swf file in the same folder to play the intro. Follow these instructions again if you have any trouble and consider viewing FFI's Frequently Asked Questions and FAQ Page 2.

Get the Flash Intro Builder!

For more intro building, try the Flash4D Flash Intro Builder software. It has a free trial you can download today. (links open new windows)

Create a Flash Website too! Download the Flash Website Builder v1.0 and create a Flash website easily. (links open new windows)

Want to create the intro again?

You can create another intro with different text, just press the 'Create!' button below to have your intro created. You can edit the text lines if you would like to also:
Text Line 1:
Text Line 2:
Text Line 3:
Web page to go to when the Enter button is pushed:

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